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John Michell Memorial Lecture

Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London
Friday November 24th, 6.45pm - 9.15 pm

Voices of the Ancestors: Adventures in Prehistoric Sound
How did prehistoric people regard music, sound, and acoustic phenomena such as echoes?
In this fascinating talk, Steve Marshall leads us on a sound journey through prehistory, showing how sound was crucial to the design of many megalithic structures.
Using stunning images, video and sound recordings, Steve demonstrates how the monuments of Avebury and other ancient sites are alive with echoes; some have infrasonic resonances that are too low to be heard, but can produce ‘altered states of consciousness’. The audience can actually experience this, when the resonances of the West Kennet long barrow are recreated live in the lecture hall!

Steve Marshall, author of Exploring Avebury: The Essential Guide, was a professional musician and recording engineer for 30 years, working for a time as a composer in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Steve is a well-known archaeoacoustics researcher and has had several academic papers published in peer-reviewed journals. He is a regular contributor to Fortean Times.



Talks and Tours

Author Steve Marshall is available for specialist talks and tours of Avebury.

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